KatalystNow is a collaborative think tank focused on innovative ways to reach and teach people.

About Us
We are a collaborative think tank focused on innovative ways to reach and teach people.  The site is intended to serve as a repository of resources gathered, built and created around facilitation, training, teaching and presenting, as well as learning and studying. 
Our contributors range from University Professors to Yogi’s, Tour Guides, Technical Trainers, Sales Enablement folks and everything in between.  
Please take a look around, or, if you are interested, follow up and consider joining our Quarterly Katalytic Collaborative Speak Easy (an open panel discussion where we talk about all things teaching / presenting / facilitating).
About Us

Kacy Keller

Kacy Keller has over 20 years of experience with enablement, training and teaching. In the corporate arena, she has managed technical curriculum, delivery, marketing, sales, and sales enablement for technical fields ranging from online education platforms to financial platforms, to cybersecurity, and spoken / written on the topics of technical training and adult education.  With a BS in Education from Boston University, and an MBA from Rollins College, she has both formal training and experience in teaching, and helping make better teachers, and enabling efficient learning.
Kacy has a passion for K-12 education as well that has led her from a role as an elementary school teacher within the Boston Public school system, to Director of Education within Sylvan Learning Centers, to consulting in various school systems on technical learning and set-ups. In all fronts, she has been dedicated to improving opportunities for youth in learning.  She has worked with nonprofit organizations like Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Center for Performing Arts, and currently is on the Board of Directors for WeCanLearn, a non-profit directed toward removing barriers to learning internationally.
Kacy Keller - Biography
Sean McClean - Biography

Sean McClean

Sean McClean holds the designation of Master trainer for one of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Sean has been involved with training and implementation of IT Service Management tools and processes for governments, academia, and fortune 500 companies for almost three decades.  His expertise ranges from technical application implementation and development to IT process, coaching, mentoring, and facilitation. His contributions to the Technical and Training / Facilitation fields span national and international conference presentations, articles and reviews for organizations such as ATD, ZDNet, TFT, SupportWorld, and more. 

Sean’s certifications include CPTD, CTT, ServiceNow (CAD, CSA, CSI), HP (AIS), ITIL (expert V2, V3, mp V4 ), Scrum Alliance (ScrumMaster), and more.

Presentations and Publications

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Other publications, presentations, and references upon request.